Nyrstar North-Western Open 2017

The Nyrstar North-Western Open Champions for 2017

A Grade 27 Hole Champion
Andrew Smith
B Grade 27 Hole Champion
Matt Kennedy
C Grade 27 Hole Champion
Doug Parr


The first Championships

From the Recorder Newspaper June 1, 1922

Next Monday the first championship meeting by the Port Pirie Golf Club will be held.

Players from Jamestown, Port Broughton, Spalding and Adelaide are expected. There will be two trophies, a North-Western Amateur Championship and a Handicap Stroke Play.

Play will commence at nine o’clock in the morning and will continue with a midday break and afternoon tea adjournment throughout the day.

The two matches will be carried out simultaneously in the morning, the scores of the championship competitors counting also for the handicap tourney, the afternoon will be reserved for the second stage of the championship. 


From the Recorder Newspaper June 6, 1922

Results of the first North-Western Amateur Championships.

Never since it was organised has the Port Pirie Golf Club had such a day of sport and pleasure as it had yesterdayon the occasion of the inauguration of the annual North-Western Championship meeting. The ambitious scheme that had been planned was realized, not merely up to the standard hoped for, but with the blessings of natural conditions that could not have been better. The day was bright, sharpened with the bite of mild winter thaexhilarates.


The ground was soft and springy, yet nowhere muddy nor wet. The course was a picture of shades of green. Trees, shrubs and grass had all put on their winter sheen of colour and with nature the most activmembers of the club had co-operated in cleaning up the fairways, getting rid of unwanted obstructions and renewing the scrapes.


Championship Winner:   G. P. Spensley (PB)  42, 45, 43, 42, 172  - Runner Up:  H. H. Rofe (PB) 46, 44, 44, 45, 179

Handicap Winner:  A. E. Moyle  41, 42, (14) 69  - Runner Up:  R. Eley  47, 47, (20) 74